Hand Made Gnocci (or Ñoqui)




Though my sister had already moved in last weekend we didn’t really noticed the change of more people in the house till yesterday.

They had a really busy week, moving from their old house, having a wedding to attend, a family dinner, a birthday and of course the change to a house that wasn’t theirs…

Even Saturday afternoon was a little messy, they arrived with the idea of staying home, but we had plans to go out for dinner with some friends, …so we didn’t spend much time together either…

Sunday morning Alvaro and me woke up early and went to the village to buy some “Churros”, and the newspaper. We made some coffee and tea, and we had our typical Spanish breakfast around the kitchen worktop.


At my parent’s house, for our birthdays, my mum always did Gnocci. She started cooking the potatoes at 11 or 12 in the morning. Meanwhile, my father started chopping the onions to make a slooooowww cooking Tuco…and we, the girls, jumped around the kitchen excited with all the cooking and happy because we where going to eat our favourite dish.


My sister’s birthday was last Wednesday, and my parents where in Malaga without a chance of coming to Madrid to visit us…so we planned to make ourselves the Gnocci for the first time. I must say, that it was the first time I did Gnocci, ‘cause Tintin Toto, cooked them a few times in his old house…


So, Alvaro, katira, Tintin Toto, Javi and Tattum, all together, prepared this delightful dish.

Here comes the Gnocci recipe:


1 potato per person + 1 or 2 extra (de regalo)

1 kilo of all-purpose flour

1 egg

40gr aprox of butter


Steam the potatoes in a pressure cooker, don’t peel them, just leave them as they are.

It took aprox 10 to 15min till they were done.

While they are still hot, peel them, and after that, mash them, till they look like mashed potatoes.



If you have one of these potato press, it will be much simpler and you won’t get so tired.

Once you have all the potatoes in a big bowl, add the butter, the egg and a little of flour. Now, this is important, keep on adding as much flour as you need,better with a flour sifter(that I didn’t have), always kneading the pastry, till it has that compact look and your fingers are nearly clean.




Cut the pastry in smaller pieces, and make looong rolls. Each roll must have 1cm width.

Cut these rolls in another 1cm or 1.5cm.


Now comes the best part. The Gnocci, (or Ñoqui, that are called in Argentina) are almost done, but so that they are not too heavy, you have to give them shape.

Take a fork, put the “almost Gnocci” on it, with your thumb, squash it a bit and make it roll down the fork. (I don’t know if my explanation is clear enough, but tell me so if not) I bought in Argentina, a “ñoquera”, and it’s what I used to give them shape, but till they invented the “ñoquera”, everybody used the fork.


While you’re cooking the potatoes, start doing the Tuco, it will taste great if it’s slow cooking for an hour or 2.





Another important detail is that once you’ve given them shape, you will have them all around the worktop so put them in flat bases (like a pizza base) and leave them not too close to each other, if not they will fix together, and you will have a one huge Gnocci.



To end, add them to the boiling salted water, they will be cooked in 3 min. Or when they appear floating on the water. Add the Tuco and open a good red wine!



Maybe it sounds complicated, but it’s not, so try them soon and come back to tell me!!


10 thoughts on “Hand Made Gnocci (or Ñoqui)

  1. This looks great! And oh, how fun! I love to see all the hands in the photo above. I think that everyone had fun making the gnocchi together and enjoying it together.
    Happy birthday to your sister!
    Best, Paz

  2. Wow! I have never made Gnocci from scratch…you’ve made me quite excited to try my hand at it!:)
    I like how you add some extra potatoes “de regalo”:)

  3. wow, that is truly amazing. i can’t believe you made your own gnocchi. those pictures remind me of when i tried to make spaetzle. ever had it? the german pasta? wow, i love gnocci i just don’t think i’m ready to attack making it homemade yet. but your post is truly inspiring!! impressive!!

  4. hi mona!
    I have never tried spaetzle, and I haven’t heard of it either!! tell me about it! I will look around the web. And like Paz, if I can make Gnocci everyone can! it’s better if you do it with friends, much fun!!
    Hi joey! yeah! las de regalo, are very important ;)) because you can get short of Gnocci, just when you are starving!!
    Hi Paz! it was a lot of fun!! we where all excited, “amasando” jijij. :)))
    Hi lapau! No, I’m sorry, we can’t have Gnocci for dinner, tonight take away pizza!
    Besos a todos!!

  5. Hi Tattum, I also adore hand made gnocchi, ok it`s a lot of work but if they do not fall apart when cooking (like happened with me last time) it absolutely pays ! And if you like you can also freeze part of the uncooked, so you will have a another good time enjoying them ! Besos (a BIG one to the adorable MAX also) from angelika and gino

  6. thanks Angelika for your kind comment!! you now that it’s also important the kind of potato you use to make them. here in Spain there’s one called “Mona Lisa” and it’s the one we use. but you see, if the potato absorbs a lot of flour, they will fall apart. the only whay of knowing is trying…like always…I also though of freezing them, but we ate them all!! jijijij Max asked me about Gino, he said “does he have a ball?” Muchos besos a los dos!!

  7. Im always discouraged to make gnocci since it requires a ricer and a gnocci board for shaping, but looking at all your photos is inspiring!
    (Im new to your blog, but enjoying it…)

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